Gevaudan are a Doom Metal Band from Hertfordshire, England. They have released a Five track Album 'Iter' Opening track is a sooth and enjoyable tune, With the calming Riffs coming from Bruce Hamilton on Guitar. 'Maelstrom' is pure Doom track. This is going to have you letting your hair down and stamp them feet. Bringing the Vibe of the Bass is Andy Salt. 'The Great Heathen Army' Marching his Army to the Beat of the Drums is David Himbury. Awesome track. 'Saints Of Blood' The man behind the Story on Vocals is Adam Pirmohamed. Another great track. Then we come to the Final track 'Duskwalker' and this comes in at a Epic Fifteen Minutes. This is one of them Albums you can stick on and just relax until the Final track and Adam Pirmohamed on vocals lets all break loose with the Beastly Screams.

Vocals...Adam Pirmohamed

Guitar...Bruce Hamilton

Bass...Andy Salt

Drums...David Himbury

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