Rainburn the Prog Rock band from Bangaluru, India. They return with their follow up EP 'Resignify' Containing Five tracks. This comes on the back of their earlier Album 'Insignify'. Great Album. Now the EP 'Resignify' It gives you a taste of how these guys performed in a live setting in their home Town of Bangaluru. Opening track 'Suicide Note; Alive In Black' Cool driving Riffs and the vibe of the Bass will have you bouncing. 'Elusive Light; Resignified' Now this piece will have you tapping along to the Bongo Drums. What a soothing tune. 'Someone New; Another Night' this is one Hell of a Prog Party. Musical interchange perfection. 'Veil; Recanvased' Doom Prog Great track. The Final Track 'Suicide Note; Fading Into White' Led by some tinkling of the Ivories with a taste of Jazz. This EP is a work of Musical Art.

Vocals/Guitar...Vats Iyengar

Bass...Ravi Nair

Drums...Praveen Kumar

Guitar...Paraj Kumar Singh

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