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Now for some Melodic Metal from Infinitas who hail from Muotathal, Switzerland. They have released a Thirteen track Album 'Infernum' Here are some of the standout tracks. Opener 'Afanc' brings us to another world with the Beautiful sound of the Violin from Savannah Childers. 'Avnas' The wonderful Vocals both Growls and Clean voiced singing is Awesome from Andrea Boll (What a Voice). 'Utukki' Some Amazing interchange between Savannah on Violin and the Riff Master Selv Martone on Guitar. 'Lilth' comes in at a Epic 9 minutes. Andrea gives us some more of her power on Vocals with some Opera. Got to Love the changes in Vocals. 'Rahu' is a cool Ballad. 'Tiamat' is a Duet with Andrea and Guest vocalist Chrigel Glanzmann(Eluveite) WoW what a tune. 'Vadatajs' This will have the head going the Awesome Riffs, Stroking of strings and Battering of the Drums from Piri Betschart. Melodic Metal at it's Best.

Vocals...Andrea Boll

Guitar...Selv Martone

Violin...Savannah Childers

Drums...Piri Betachart

Guest Vocals...Chirgel Glanzmann

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