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Rock 'n' Roll Band Kosmik Boogie Tribe who hail from Oslo, Norway. They have released a Eleven track Album 'Let's Rock The Fuck Out' Vol.1' Here are some of the standout tracks. Starting things off is 'Dirty Farmer' This will have you bouncing around the Barn. Proving the Bass is Dirty Farmer Vegard Strand Holthe. 'Shitkicker' is a right Bruiser of a tune, Bruising the skins on Drums is Magne Vannebo. 'Pablo Was Here' Is a real Groovy track, With the Awesome Riffs coming the way of Eirik Melstrom and Morten Lunde on Guitars. 'Levande Begarvd' Is a right Headbanger of a tune. Thomas Brenna on Vocals sings this in his native tongue Norwegian. 'Slow Death' is another Cool tune. The Final track 'That's What Mama Said' Come's in at a Epic Seven minutes and is one Big Party. One Hell of a Rockin Album.

Vocals...Thomas Brenna

Guitar...Eirik Melstrom

Bass...Vegard Strand Holthe

Guitar...Morten Lunde

Drums...Magne Vannebo

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