Kuadra are a Electronic Rock Band from Vigevano, Italy. They have release a Ten track Album. 'Cosa Ti'e Successo' ( What Happened To You) All tracks are sang in Italian. Here are a few of the standout tracks. The Title Track 'Cosa ti 'e Successo' (What Happened To You). 'Mio Padre' (My Father) This track has got a lot of Emotion. Then liven things up here's a Dance track. Time to Rave to 'Trashlady' Then comes the Cool 'Ate Che Non Sai Chi Sei' (To You Who Don't Know who You Are) Then we get the catchy 'Webcam Girl. This Album will have the foot going one minute the next, You will be on your feet Dancing to the Dance tunes, Good Mix, Something for everbody. They have released a New video in the wake of the Terror that as stroke the whole world. 'Bello Ciao' Give it a watch. Awesome stuff Guys.

Vocals...Yuri La Cava

Guitar...Emanuele Savino

Bass...Matteo Tiriaboschi

Drums...Van Minh Nguyen

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