Time for some Horror Punk Rock n Roll from Das Ghoul who hail from Oxford, England. They have released a Four track EP 'The Video Nasty' Opening track 'Behind The Cobweb Veil' is a Haunting Solo Keyboard number from Octavia Von Wakeman. 'Video Nasty' will have you Rockin out. Beating the skins till they bleed on Drums is Mary Ghoul. 'Formaldehyde Girl' Keeping the chemicals bubbling with the pulse of the bass is Bernard Ghoul-Hefner. The final track 'Porcelain' This will have you yelling out loud along with Craig The Plague on Vocals and Guitar. We need more something Dead long. Great release.

Vocals/Guitar...Craig The Plague

Bass...Bernard Ghoul-Hefner

Keys...Octavia Von Wakeman

Drums...Mary Ghoul

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