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Time for some Rock n Soul from Nick Tolford & Company who hail from Columbus, Ohia, USA. They have released a Five track EP 'Lost My Mind' Opener 'I'm Sayin' This will have you singing along with the Cool backing singers and Nick Tolford on Vocals. The Title track is next up 'Lost My Mind' Supplying the Cool Riffs on Guitar is Julian Dassai. 'Sexy Werewolf' Time to get Funky with Bobby Silver on Bass. 'Unreal' will have your body movin. On Drums keeping the Cool Beat is Michael O.Shaughnessy. The Final track 'I Would Love 2 B Ur Lover' Holding the Keys to your Heart is Brian Travis. WoW this will have you off your arse and dancing all night long.

Vocals...Nick Tolford

Guitar...Julian Dassai

Bass...Bobby Silver

Keys...Brian Travis

Drums...Michael O'Shaughnessy

Backing Singers

Katie Gartin - Leslie Jankowski - Robin Joos - Cecil Moore III

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