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300AD are a Trash Metal Band who hail from Christchurch, New Zealand. They have released a Eight track Album 'The Void' Here are a few of the standout tracks, Opener '3000AD' Sets things off nicely with Roaring Riffs from Sam Pryor on Guitar and Vocals. They have also released a Lyrical video for this track. 'The Network' Let's all the Anger out. Bringing the Pulse of the Bass is Scott Austin. 'Who's Watching' Will start a riot. Mosh Pit time. Beating the skins till they bleed on Drums is Hellmore Bones. 'These Fires' Will have you fingers working along to the Burning Riffs.The Final two tracks 'Journeys' & 'Born Under A Black Sun' come in at over Seven Epic minutes each. With the later being a Awesome Instrumental piece. To be played loud at all times. Great release.

Vocals/Guitar...Sam Pryor

Bass...Scott Austin

Drums...Hellmore Bones

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