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Anubis are a Progressive Rock Band who hail from Sydney, Australia. They have released a Nine track Album 'Homeless' Here are a few of the standout tracks. 'White Ashes' is a Musical treat. Guitars, Bass,Keys and Drums just take you on a Amazing Journey. The three guys providing the Riffs on Guitar are Douglas Skene, Dean Bennison and David Eaton. 'Home' Will have you singing along with Robert James Moulding on Vocals. 'Homeless' Brings us some Groovy vibes from Anthony Stewart on Bass. Awesome tune. 'Sirens' what a sound, The inerchange between Keys from David Eaton and Drums from Steven Eaton. WoW what a Journey, What a Album.

Vocals/Bass...Robert James Moulding

Guitar...Douglas Skene

Keys/Guitar...David Eaton

Bass...Anthony Stewart

Guitar...Dean Bennison

Drums...Steven Eaton

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