Rock Fusion Band Asusra who hail from Tokyo, Japan. They have released a Eleven track Album 'A.M.S.S.P.A' All tracks are sang in their native tongue of Japanese. Here are some of the standout tracks. Opening Track 'Shura No Hana' Will have you Rockin from the off with the Blazing Riffs coming from M on Guitar. Awesome Stuff. 'Crazy For Your Love' will have you head going ten to the dozen with the Demon Beat of the Drums from PePe. 'Kagen No Tsuki' This will have you Bouncing to the Power of The Bass from ShoGo. 'Run Go Run' let's you hear the Beauty of Akina's Vocals.'One'S Heart' Is another cool Rockin Tune. The Band also have two Dancers who perform in live settings. So one Tune Sayaka and Akina will be Raving out to is the Instrumental track 'Zero'. This is a Real enjoyable release.






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