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Progressvie Rock Band The Multitude who hail from Bangalore,India. Have released a Three track EP 'The Globalistion Trilogy' Opening track 'Be The Change' Will have you holding your lights up high and singing along with Sukhbir Kalsi on Vocals. 'On High Seas' Is a Cool foot tapper of a tune. Kepping the Beat on Drums is Rajeev Ethiraj. Providing the Vibe of the Bass is Manel Shakya. The Final track 'A Clarion Call To Revolution' Will have you Head banging and Rocking out to the Awesome Riffage from the Guitar Duo of Jess Furneaux and Ashvin Devasundaram. Wow what a Release.

Vocals...Sukhbir Kalsi

Guitar...Jess Furneaux

Bass...Manel Shakya

Guitar...Ashvin Devasundaram

Drums...Rajeev Ethiraj

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