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Progressive Metal Band Calyces who hail from Athens, Greece. They have released their Debut Album 'Impulse To Soar' Containing Eleven tracks. Here are a few of the standout tracks. Opener 'False Awakening' This will have them fingers itching to join in with them Amazing Riffs from Gianis Golfis on Lead Guitar. 'Ego Dries Up The Ocean' Is a Cool foot stomper of a tune. Supplying the Beat of the Drums is Alex Stavropoulos. 'The Great Void' and 'Wired Crown' Awesome sound. On Vocals/Synths and Guitar is Manthos Sergiou. 'Unfair Labor' is a Cracking tune. Bringing the Vibe on Bass is Stelios Tragos. With the Amazing sound of the Saxophone is Jorgen Munkeby. WoW what a Debut Album.

Vocals/Synths/Guitar...Manthos Sergiou

Bass..Stelios Tragos

Guitar...Gianis Golfis

Drums...Alex Stavropoulos.

Guest Saxaphone...Jorgen Munkeby

Guest Vocals...Chrysa Tsaltampasi

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