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Kaouenn is a Avant-Garde one man project. That man is Nicola Amici a Multi-Instrumentalist who was Born in Jesi, Italy but now resides from Nice, France. Kaouenn have released a Eight track (Only on Vinyl), CD format Seven Tracks) Album 'Mirages' Here are a few of the standout tracks. Opener 'Psychic Nomad' is like a Cog of sound traveling through time. 'Immaterial Jungle' is a wonderful Progressive sound. Cool Guitar Riffs blended within the Synthesizer. 'Reachin' The Stars' This has such a beat that it will have you moving along.Love the Mix of Sound on this track. The Bonus track 'Into A Ring Of Fire' will have your pulse racing with the Electrifying sounds. This Album shows the Talents of one Man. Nicola Amici. What a Sound.....What a Album.

All Instruments...Nicola Amici


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