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Rock Duo Karma Killswitch Who hail from Saint Maarten/Italy. They have released a Six track Album '2020' Opener 'Sunshine On The Inside' is a Awesome track. That will have you singing along with Lee Hardesty on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar. Be sure to check the Video for this track. Charlie Chaplin will put a smile on anybody's face. 'The Abyss' is another Top tune. This see's Gianfranco Segatto with the Awesome sound of Slide Guitar. This will have you holding them lighters high in the air and singing along. 'Greatest Fantasy' will have you swaying side to side. Next up is a Cool cover of Siouxsie And The Banshees track 'Dear Prudence' Awesome cover. 'Suffer In Silence' This track will have the head nodding to the cool Beat. The Final track is a Cover of the Led Zeppelin Classic 'Kashmir' Wow tham Vocals are Top notch. What a Release. A must have Album.

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar...Lee Hardesty

Electric Guitar...Gianfranco Segatto

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