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Here we have a little Christmas message from Punk Rockers Kill the Masters who hail from Bolton, Lancashire, England. Here is their Christmas single 'Merry Christmas (But I Can't Go Out Tonight).with all the proceeds going to Homeless Aid UK. This is a fun single so may you all be Merry & Elfy. The Guys have also released a Four track Acoustic EP 'Spicy Chargrilled Revolution'. Starting things off is 'Not Our Problem' Fun and right to the point. 'Inverkeithing' is a real footapper. 'Remmington Ska' Time to Rock out. The Final track is 'No Apologies'(Part Two). This will have you Yelling Angry Old Man out loud. Fun and Moving tracks. Totally Enjoyable.

Vocals/Guitar...Ollie Yates

Bass...Sam Cummins

Drums...Chris Mills

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