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Minna Ora is back with her 4th Single 'Wind' . The Beauty shines through with the Soul warming Vocals of Minna Ora. The Finnish Goddess has released yet again an Amazing track. You will find yourself singing along and tapping your feet. Minna is Blessed to have such Talented Musical Family and Friends. With the Awesome Guitar Solo coming the way Of Kari Ora. The Four Singles released to date 'Forest', 'Sea' , 'Fire' and 'Wind' are Excellently written joyful tracks. Hoping to see a Album out soon. The World deserves to hear Minna Ora.

Vocals...Milla Ora

Guitar...Kari Ora

Keys...Tuulia Vhanto

Bass...Jussi Sinervo

Drums...Kamy Kamarainen


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