Alternative Rockers Rich Ragany and The Degressions who hail from London, England. They released Two tracks in November so here they are. First up December In My Heart' is a Cool track that will have your feet tapping away to this catchy tune. on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar is Rich Ragany. on Electric Guitar we have Michael 'Gaff' Gaffney. Sweet sound of the backing singer comes from Kit Swing turning the Keys and tuning thing up is Andy Brook. Pulling the strings on Bass is Ricky Maguire and on Drums we have Simon Maxwell. The Next track 'From Nowhere To You' is another fine tune. This time joining Rich Ragany on Electric Guitar is Reed Shimozawa with backing vocals from Paddy McCallion. This will have you swaying along.

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar...Rich Ragany

Electric Guitar...Michael 'Gaff' Gaffney

Backing Vocals...Kit Swing

Keys...Andy Brook

Bass...Ricky Maguire

Drums...Simon Maxwell

Guitar...Reed Shimozawa

Backing Vocals...Paddy McCallion

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