Time for some Punk Rock from The Shell Corporation who hail from Los Angeles, California, USA. They have released a Five track EP 'Told Ya So' Starting things off is 'Hot Bleach Injection' a real infectious tune, That will have you Rockin out. Curtiss Lopez with sizzerling Riffs on Guitar. '21st Centery Pestilence Song' On Vocals is Jan Quixote. 'We Told Ya So' will have you Banging your head along with the Beat of the Drums from Jake Margolis. 'Here's Your Warning' Time to hit the Mosh Pit. The Final track is Fast and Savage 'Unfollow' Bringing the Vibe of the Bass is Seantonamo Bay. Punk madness at it's Best.

Vocals...Jan Quaxote

Guitar/Vocals...Curtiss Lopez

Bass...Seantonamo Bay

Drums...Jake Margolis

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