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Time for some Ska Punk from Threat Level Burgandy who hail from Billerica, Massachusetts, USA. They have released a Five track EP 'Gold' Time to Party, Opening track 'Half-Life 3 Comfirmed' Sure to have you chanting along with Chris McKenney on Vocals and Guitar. 'Lost' Brings out the Punks. With Pete Skerry Beating the Skins till they Bruise on Drums. 'POW' will have you jumping along to the Vibe of the Bass from Max Zeller. 'Scene' will shine through with the Guys on the Brass. They have also released a Video for this track and get a little Help from some Mighty fine friends. The Final track 'This is Fine' Will have you kicking your heels and on the Dance floor. What a Party what a Release.

Vocals/Guitar...Chris McKenney

Bass...Max Zeller

Drums...Pete Skerry

Trombone...Austin Arroco...Josh Black

Trumpet...Clay Arroco

Sax...Kyle Bunker

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