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We are going to look back to 2010 at Shush a band from London, England. They released their only album 'SoundTrack Of My Life' with twelve Rockin songs to get you in the mood. Now to pick the standout tracks. 'Do What I Want'(Checkout the video on Youtube) this will have you singing along with Milena Yum who sings Vocals and plays Guitar. Then to 'Got Caught In The Act' this is a very catchy song, Pulling the strings on Guitar is Andy Brook. 'Shout' is another Rockin number. Time for some tasty Riffs and choice words with 'Fuck You'( YouTube) now this will have you raising that middle finger and joining in with the chorus. The cool riff on Bass is from Dean Croney. Now we come to the album title song 'Soundtrack Of My Life' what's not to like bout this album. Ballad time now with 'Stay' (YouTube)This is one of my favourites. Drums from Matt Fox and Percussion from Kev Miller. One hell of a album. The good news is these guys are back playing and have Re-released the album with Bonus tracks. So what you waiting for go see them and get yourself the album.

Vocals/Guitar...Milena Yum

Guitar...Andy Brook

Bass...Dean Croney

Drums...Mat Fox

Percussion...Kev Miller

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