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Time to look back again to 2011, Crash Stree Kids are a Glam Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona,USA. They released the album 'Sweet Creatures' with eleven tracks that will have you singing along. First track 'Sweet Creatures' from the off this will have you banging your head, Some great riffs from Ricky Serrano on Guitar. 'Asylum' is next up and will have you singing along in no time, Keeping the beat on Drums is A.D,Adams. 'Bang,Bang(You're Beautiful)' this is a classic glam Rock song. Then it's ballad time with 'Sad Julia' Great video to go with this track. Ryan McKay with Vocals and also on Guitar. Then we have one for the crowd 'Bad! Yeah Bad!' this would have everyone getting involved. On Bass is Deuce Gregory. Only halfway through the album, so it's up to you now to go and find some more great tracks. But i can't leave it just yet. As we have the Glam Classic 'Mary, Queen Of Rock' Now this will have you jiving and hand clapping. 'Angel' is another belter of a song. What an album, What a band.

Vocals/Guitar... Ryan McKay

Bass...Deuce Gregory


Guitar...Ricky Serrano

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